Does Your Voice Match

Who You Really Are?

For many trans women, having a female voice feels like an impossible dream –
or something they’ve tried for and failed, or have simply not known where to start.
If that’s you, you may notice that every time you go out, there’s a worry in the
back your mind about how you sound, what people are thinking, how they will react.
Whether it’s a self-conscious feeling hanging over you like a shadow that makes you
uncomfortable, or a fear that keeps you from enjoying your life the way you’ve
dreamed, you don’t have to live with it anymore.

You can now feminize your voice quickly, easily and discreetly in the

comfort of your own home.

A Voice Feminization Program

That Gives You Everything You Need

There is a Voice Feminization program that has worked for women around the world, of every age,
in every stage of transition, who were born with all kinds of voices.

You will receive everything you need for a fully feminized voice, whether you are part-time or full-time.
You will gain control over how you sound, build your confidence, and get the reactions you’ve been wanting from the people around you.
The Female Voice Club gives will take your voice from wherever it is now, to a female voice that you are comfortable with, 
and even proud of.

Most Voice Feminization Programs Have 3 Main Problems

1. They are not complete

So many women go to feminization therapists, or buy CD’s or watch YouTube videos and they pick up a few techniques,
but they don’t learn everything they need to learn.This either makes them frustrated and they give up, thinking that
feminization is impossible, (it isn’t.) Or in some cases, they injure their voices, trying too hard to reach desired pitch
before they are ready. This sets them back for months and months. In the Female Voice Club you get everything
– every single technique – you need to fully feminize your voice with every aspect.
You will be properly prepped, you will get all the techniques you need, and more.

2. They only work for some people

Everyone has a different voice and learning style. That’s why some CD’s or therapeutic sessions only work for some people – they focus on one style of learning, and one set of techniques. What works for some women may or may not work for you. This leads to a waste of time, energy and money. And it leads to a lot of disappointment. The Female Voice Club gives you different angle to approach every single aspect of Voice Feminization. This way you can discover which works best for you and focus on that. Our combination of classic voice fem techniques, theater techniques and neuroscience make sure that you are covered, no matter what kind of voice you have and what your learning style is. These varied approaches are fun, interesting and work together to strengthen each other – making you get results faster and more easily.

3. They show you how to get a female voice, but not keep it

Most programs focus on teaching you to make female sounds and words and sentences, or even read out loud. But using your voice while speaking spontaneously is another matter – you use a different part of your brain. And keeping it up while you talk for extended periods is even harder. This takes special training and practice, which you get in the intermediate stages of this course.

What the Female Voice Club Does for You

How it Works


Each week you receive a special email. Every alternate week is a voice class with the most important material you need for your voice feminization. And in between your lessons you get a “Lesson Booster” with secret tips, encouragement and enhancements to make sure you get the voice you really want. You will get everything you need to KNOW and DO to successfully feminize your voice as quickly and effectively as possible. Each class will build upon previous classes, taking you step by step towards the authentic, beautiful feminine voice inside you.

You can listen to each class – and practice – as often as you like. No complex set-up needed: Just click on the link you receive by email and listen on your computer, tablet or phone. You can stream each class from our website or you can download them, whichever you prefer.

This learning methodology gives you the techniques you need to achieve your dream voice, which you can practice at your convenience, at your own pace. This method has a proven track record of success. It’s also highly motivational, setting you up step by step for voice feminization that LASTS, and is there for you when you need it the most!

Personalized Feedback and Coaching

You can send in a recording of yourself at any time for specific guidance and feedback. You can also request a Skype or phone call if you have questions or need some extra help.

What You Get in the Program

Warm-up Routine

This builds strength and flexibility in your throat so you are ready for the journey ahead. Without this step it’s very difficult to find the right pitch and sound quality, but once you learn the routine, you can raise pitch, gain vocal control, have the stamina to keep your female voice going…SAFELY, without straining or injuring your voice! You will also be able to switch back and forth between male and female presentation, if needed.

Finding Your Sweet Spot in Sound Quality

There are several factors which influence how you sound when you raise your pitch. Together, we will explore them all and you will find the sound quality that is the most comfortable and sounds best for you.

Raising Your Pitch

Pitch is clearly one of the most important factors of voice feminization, but the big mistake most women make is trying to work on pitch first. If your voice is not ready, it will be harder to raise your pitch and it may not sound authentic. Now that we’ve put all the right elements in place, however, you are ready to speak in your feminine range, sounding authentic and beautiful.

Protecting Your Voice from Injury

Many women who’ve tried to feminize their voice on their own experience strain or injury. You will learn some key ways to protect your voice from strain and how to soothe it after a practice session, to keep it strong, healthy and ready to keep feminizing.

Finding Your Sweet Spot in Sound Quality

There are several factors which influence how you sound when you raise your pitch. Together, we will explore them all and you will find the sound quality that is the most comfortable and sounds best for you.

Precision and Control

To successfully feminize your voice you need to be in control of what it’s doing. You need to have precision with your pitch and resonance. You will learn several techniques that make a big difference in this area. They are powerful and fun. Play, experiment and find what works best for you!

Train Your Brain – Power Learning™

Techniques gleaned from cutting edge neuroscience research to prime your brain to absorb the material at deeper levels – giving you quicker  and longer lasting results. They will also help free you from any subconscious obstacles to changing your voice. The techniques are gentle, easy and uplifting.

Specific Tones in the Feminine Range

Whether you simply want a voice that “blends in”, or you have a specific type of sound in mind, you will learn which sounds and tones are perceived as belonging to the feminine range, and what they feel and sound like when you produce them. This is a tremendous help in being able to assess how you are doing with your voice when you’re with other people, and keep your voice in the upper part or lower part of the female range; or the area between the male and female range, depending on your preference.

Sprinkle Technique™

A patented technique to help you sound more feminine even when you can’t have your pitch up during the whole conversation or the whole day.

Vocal Stamina

Building the ability to use your voice for long and longer periods of time. As long as you want or need to.


A must-have set of recovery techniques to “push the reset button” if you find your voice dropped or you accidentally used your old voice out in public. These are subtle and graceful ways to transition back to your desired sound without it being awkward or obvious!

Key Words and Phrases

Giving special focus to words and phrases which other people notice more, and where women tend to falter. This  class will strengthen your presentation by getting these into your muscle memory. Once you master these “flagship” words, it takes your vocal presentation up several notches and makes the rest of your voice feminization *much* easier!

Train Your Brain – Muscle Memory™

A patented methodology to get your new beautiful female sounds into your muscle memory, so they become automatic whenever you use your female voice.

Preventing Unconscious Dips and Drops in Your Voice

One of the biggest problems women face in voice feminization is the voice dropping at certain points without them realizing it. You will learn to recognize these drops and prevent them, giving you a vocal presentation that is CONSISTENT and gives you the results you want and deserve.

New Beginnings™

A trademarked technique, taught exclusively in this course, to help you with female melodic patterns as well as giving you the ability to bring your pitch up and keep it up, no matter what is going on around you.

Transforming the Past

Even after feminization, the pull of old habits can be strong. Talking to old friends, family or anyone you spent time with in male presentation is more challenging when it comes to maintaining consistency with your new voice. The techniques in these classes will help overcome that, and help you be your best female self with anyone, anywhere, talking about anything you choose to.

Additionally, many women find that their new voice drops back into the old ways when they have to focus on something while speaking, or when they get emotional. The brain has built-in equalizers that kick in to bring the voice back to it’s old sound. You will learn to neutralize this effect, and keep your beautiful new female sound no matter what.

Feminine Markers

Learn the feminine markers besides pitch and sound quality that make you sound more female…articulation, speech patterns, word usage, melody and more.


Many women find that when they raise their pitch, they lose their volume. By this time in the course, you will have put techniques in place to help prevent that problem. But if it does crop up, it will happen in a milder way and we will address it here. You will learn how to keep both your pitch and volume at appropriate levels – without straining your voice.

Being Caught By Surprise

Laughter, squeals of delight, coughing, sneezing, exclaiming, etc.

Step into the Future

A celebration and plan to keep this beautiful new female sound going, making it easier and easier until it becomes your default voice. (If you are part-time, this would apply to you whenever you choose to present.)

Personal coaching and feedback

Whenever you need or want it. Simply request a Skype or phone call, or send in a recording of yourself!

Results You Can Expect

“Lovely, Lovely Voice”

“Lovely, lovely voice coming out. I didn’t think I could ever sound this good. What a thrilling surprise. Thank you with all my heart, for my new female voice.”
~Lillith, Manchester, England

“I’ll Never Make That Mistake Again!”

“I had given up hope on my voice. After years of CD’s, DVD’s, interactive online voice groups, voice coaches and You Tube videos, all I had to show for it was thousands of wasted dollars and hours of wasted time!! I’ll never make that mistake again! Nina was the only voice coach that was able to help me make a difference in my voice that got me blending in and sounding the way I’d always wanted. The exercises in this course are unique. I’ve never seen them anywhere else and they work. If you want a nice female voice, this course is a no-brainer and well worth it!”
~Annabelle, Pasadena, California

“Even Better Than Expected”

“Dear Nina,
I’m not musical, or good at singing. It’s not easy for me to pick up technical things about the voice. When I first transitioned last year, many voice changing videos and programs were too hard for me. A lot of coaches and chat groups like to get very technical and I didn’t see the point in all that academic information. It was complicated and they didn’t work to change my voice. The voice tuner app only helped a little, certainly not enough. This course is easy. I can follow and I never get overwhelmed. For the first time, it doesn’t feel like hard work. It feels fun, like a beautiful adventure. It is challenging but I can do it. And I love your encouraging style and enthusiasm. That really helps me a lot. It comforted me in the beginning when I didn’t think I could do it. And it inspired me to keep going. I am so happy with the progress I’ve made so far. It’s even better than expected. I had no idea what a huge difference a feminine voice could make in my life. I don’t know how I could ever go back to living without it. And I’m looking forward to more and more and more. Thank you so much.”
~Georgina, NY, NY

“A Dream Come True!”

“This is a dream come true! I now have the voice I’ve always dreamed of and it has changed my life in every way! I have more confidence, I talk to people and blend in, I am fully accepted at work and in public and I even have the confidence to date again! Getting my female voice is one of the THE BEST thing that has ever happened to me and I could never have done it without this course. Thank you so much!!!!!”
~Laura, Clarksville, IN

“My Confidence is So Much Higher”

“I can’t believe I have a female voice now! Finally! I’ve been trying forever, but it always sounded a little fake, and on the phone people called me Sir. That doesn’t happen anymore and my confidence is so much higher. This is the final stage of my transition and it is very sweet.”
~Jackie, Toronto, CA



I don’t know if I can do it. How do i know if the course is for me?

If you have a longing for a more feminine sounding voice, this course can help you no matter what kind of voice you were born with. Many women have tried feminization with simple CD’s or videos on YouTube and have gotten discouraged because not every exercise is right for every voice. These classes are designed to work for every woman because you get a variety of exercises, and you get a hybrid of techniques – classic speech pathology and theater techniques combined with neuroscience research to help you learn quicker and retain more information, forming a stronger muscle memory and getting to the voice you want more quickly and effectively.

How long is the course?

There are enough lessons for up to 18 months. You can stay enrolled for as long as you’d like. The lessons get more advanced as you go. When you have the voice you want, and can use it consistently without it taking up all your focus, you are a “graduate”! For some people this takes only a few months, for others it takes longer.

We recommend you stay in the course until you reach your consistent female voice.

Can I cancel any time?

Yes. Once you log into the site, you may cancel at any time. It takes a few seconds and is effective immediately.

What are the technical requirements?

Any computer or tablet or smartphone and an internet connection. You will receive an email every 2 weeks, with a link to your new lesson. When you click on that link, you may either listen to the listen on the website, or download the lesson onto your computer, smartphone or tablet – and it’s yours to keep for as long as you’d like.

I’ve already worked on my voice, (or have a voice I like), I just need some polishing. Is this right for me?

Yes. You may want to start at a more advanced level in the curriculum. We suggest you send in a short voice recording (1 – 2 minutes), or schedule a free phone consultation, so you can be placed at the perfect spot in the curriculum for you.

Discounted Pricing

While private sessions or small classes can require an investment which is well worth it, not everyone can afford that financially. This club offers the same material covered in more expensive programs and and allows you to go at your own pace and work on each lesson for as long as you need to,
at a much lower cost.

Ladies, you can now feminize your voice for only $47 per month!

If an authentic female voice is important to you, why wait any longer?

Take advantage of this opportunity and experience the results for yourself.

$47 will be billed to your credit card or PayPal every 30 days.

Rest assured, your payment will be process on protected servers and your information is fully secure.